Quality in Construction Projects

Quality, while being highly subjective, is integral to any major construction project. Quality can be defined as meeting the legal, aesthetic, and functional requirements of a project. The specifics of the projects may vary depending on the primary goals, but quality is obtained when the pre-established requirements of the job are met. Inefficiencies on the job site, whether they stem from human or material issues, are a major detractor when pursuing quality during a job. More recently, an influx of competition and a crowded market have forced construction companies to raise their standards and provide quality work.

Obtaining quality standards ensures that the customer is satisfied and that their project will allow them to remain competitive and achieve their personal goals with regards to the structure. A construction team is responsible for establishing the means, methods, and procedures that will yield a quality finished product. While quality may come with a cost, the price of poor quality and the various inefficiencies that go along with it, will often supersede the cost of actual quality.

Introducing quality standards early on in the process and revisiting as each phase begins and concludes will promote higher standards for the team and project. It seems as though the old adage of quality over quantity is invariably true in today’s construction industry. 


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