Benefitting from Owner’s Representative Services

Business growth, while exciting, comes with more than its fair share of challenges. The possibility of expanding operations and/or constructing entirely new facilities should elicit feelings of anticipation and pride, not stress. When operating a business on a full-time basis such decisions as where to build and how to do it — can add unnecessary strain. Through the use of an Owner’s Representative, some of that aforementioned pressure can be alleviated and the growing pains associated with expansion, relieved.

Owner’s Representatives serve as personal advocates for your construction project. By monitoring the project from start to finish, an Owner’s Representative helps to proactively manage a project, minimizing risks and hazardous surprises that may occur along the way. With the avoidance of potential problems comes the assurance that the job will stay on schedule and be completed on time.

An Owner’s Representative begins their service by aligning a client’s design criteria, vision, budget, and schedule. They are instrumental in contract coordination as well. The Owner’s Representative is charged with protecting their customer’s best interest, which includes utilizing the most cost effective solutions throughout the project. It is important to bring on an Owner’s Representative early on in the construction process so as to make the most significant impact.

An experienced Owner’s Representative will have an in-depth knowledge of the construction process from imagination to completion and is fluent in the language that is steeped in the various phases of the construction process. With their focus on the bottom line and value-added options, the services of an Owner’s Representative are a worthy investment.

To learn more about Direct Steel and Owner’s Representatives, click here


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