The Significance of a Well Defined Scope Statement

With the passage of time comes the desire, occasionally the requirement, to upgrade existing facilities. Perhaps the interior is out of style, perhaps the building needs to be expanded, or perhaps an entirely new building needs to be constructed from the ground up. No matter what the goal is, your award-winning project begins with a comprehensive scope statement.

Writing a scope statement is an important first step in any project. A scope statement serves as a written confirmation of anticipated results that will guide Project Managers and team members once work begins. It identifies the objectives and goals that must be met to succeed.  A well-defined scope statement is essential for obtaining financing. In addition to establishing a realistic budget, you must assess your current challenges and pair them with potential outcomes if the project does not succeed.

Ensuring that your team is part of the scope creation process will promote long-term success and enable the project to stay on schedule. “Beneficiaries,” or those who will use and benefit from the construction of new facilities, should also be consulted during the scope statement process.

When beginning to draft your scope statement, try to answer these questions:

  • What problem will this construction project address?
  • What is the project goal?
  • What objectives will the project accomplish to achieve this goal?
  • What criteria will determine if the objectives have been accomplished?

Once you’ve answered these questions and feel that the answers align with your project goals, review them with your construction team and key staff members. This will make certain that everyone understands the goals of the project and their personal involvement as the project gets underway.  Drafting a scope statement at the onset of a project is an integral first step to any successful construction venture.


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