Scheduling Excellence

There’s nothing worse than when a construction project falls behind schedule. Such delays can become both costly and frustrating to a client as well as being demoralizing for a team. While there are certain delays that are unavoidable, such as weather, many can be easily prevented through proper scheduling and the development of contingency plans prior to the start of the project.

By developing a detailed and realistic schedule early on in the construction process, an owner sets his/herself up for success. Such a plan should include pre-construction activities and should take into account, both time and weather constraints. By checking in with your construction management team during the planning process, an owner also ensures that the scope of the project is understood fully by those who will coordinate the building process.

As this plan is put together it is also important to make sure that each member of the team is aware of their role/responsibility with regards to the project. Doing so will promote accountability and efficiency. This will, in turn, lead to fewer critical errors on the job site and time lost when tasks are not completed.

As the schedule is developed and the project is underway, the construction manager should continue to revisit and revamp the schedule as changes occur and minor delays happen. Even the most detailed of schedules developed prior to the start of a project are subject to change. As time passes, so too may your goals. By continually revisiting your project schedule, a construction manager is able to circumvent delays and issues that may arise.

Delays happen and goals will, invariably, change. However, properly scheduling a project early on in the construction process can help you better prepare for the challenges that may come your way. When developing this schedule, remember to communicate with your team and revisit the schedule as time passes. No one can predict the future, but through proper scheduling you can be ready for whatever the future may hold.


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